Make 2023 a year of learning!

Every month (with one doubled up to make 12!) we will have a new speaker and will be learning from leading circus researchers, educators, and experts in related fields.

Talks will be on Sundays with the times and dates specific to speaker's availability and timezone.

(I will annouce these as soon as possible!)

Can't make it live? No worries!!!

The talks will be recorded in case you can't make it and for those of you signed up for the full year you will maintain access throughout 2023.


You will be able to send questions in advance so they can get answered live even if you aren't there or have access to email addresses of the speakers to ask any that may pop up.

Sign up for the whole series!

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  • Gain circus knowledge and enjoy circus centric conversations each month
  • Support circus research and learn from the people who do it

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Emily Scherb January 8 (FREE)

Dr. Nicky Keay - Sports and Dance Endocrinologist - February 12 9 am PT

Dr. Fleur VanRens - Sports Psychology - March 19 5:30pm PT

Dr. Linda Bluestein - Hypermobility in Performing Arts - April 16 10am PT

Dr. Patrick Leroux - Circus Apparatus & Meaning-Making in Circus - May 28 3pm PT

Dr. David Munro - Concussions - June 25 3pm PT

Henri Hänninen M.Sc - The Science Behind Flexibility Training - July 30 8am PT

Dr. Joanna Nicholas - The Science of Pole Dancing - August 13 5pm PT

Dr. Alexia de Macar, Ph.D. - Sports Nutrition - September 24 8am PT

Dr. Stephanie Greenspan - Circus Injury Study - Bonus Round Table feat. Dr. Melanie Stuckey & Dr. Emily Scherb - October 14 9am PT

Dr. Jenny Leigh DuPuis - Circus Costuming - October 29 10am PT

Dr. Dean Kriellaars - What I Have Learned About The Magic of Circus - November 12 1pm PT

Jess Zendler, Ph.D. - Wearables - December 10 2pm PT

and MORE

Additional speakers and topics to come!!

Publication of new circus specific research studies.

Neurology of Movement

Flexibility Science

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