"Emily teaches you not only how to treat, but how to better connect with this very specialized population. Its an amazing opportunity to build your skills as a PT and to network. This class is well worth the investment."
- Kindra McDougall, PT, DPT

It's different working with circus artists and they deserve knowledgeable clinicians.

This is the continuing education course that fills the gap between what you learned in school and working with folks who have goals and dreams of touching their butts to their heads, doing a split, a straight arm inversion, or a double twisting double.

Learn the exact framework that Dr. Emily Scherb, PT uses to assess her circus patients and accelerate their rehab process.

Join the course that can help you understand how circus bodies work and find a niche within this rapidly growing athletic population!

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The next cohort begins 2025 and I don't want you to miss it!

Anatomy looks different when we're talking CIRCUS!

"I expected a highly expert level and got it!" - Susan Frikken, DPT

"The best thing about this course was just how well broken down the lectures were. Even though I have minimal experience with circus artists, I feel like I now have a good place to start. I've also had some carry over in my gymnast population, so it's been incredibly helpful!" - Ashley Hiscock, ATC

"If you are interested in working within the world of circus arts as a medical practitioner, then sign up for this course. This course is a rarity within the medical world. Take full advantage of it." - Vanessa Bishline, PT