Continue your circus education journey with like minded clinicians and professionals!

Get the support and community you need to have a strong circus medicine practice, coaching foundation and personal circus knowledge.

It's your place to nerd out, interact, and network with the circus science community.

Join us to stay at the leading edge of circus science, to feel more confident when working with clients, and to have a place where you can ask those questions you have been dying to get the answers to.

We'll meet online at least once a month following the Circus Smart Speaker Series. Live with Dr. Emily Scherb, PT a.k.a. The Circus Doc.

Can't make it live?

Everything will be recorded for you to watch at your leisure, and you will be able to submit questions for us to discuss.

Included in this Program:

Access to monthly Circus Smart Speaker Series guest lectures followed by Circus Science Live zoom room with Emily!

In those meetings we will do one or all of the following

  • Circus Journal club + deep dive discussion
  • Have time to discuss the new and next when it comes to circus, medicine and science
  • Break downs of favorite exercises and the nuance of why, how, and what to look out for.
  • Case studies with opportunities for discussion and patient rounds

We will also have

  • Tri-yearly live patient evaluation
  • Annual circus injury roundup where we will investigate what it looks like for an artist to experience a particular injury, diagnosis, and/or procedure from onset through treatment and how it has effected their circus training (or not).

Access to a selected library of recorded conversations since 2021

Network with other circus medicine "nerds"

Conversations with thought leaders in circus medicine

Recurring monthly or yearly subscription membership.

Join us for continued knowledge sharing, education, and accountability to show up, ask questions, listen, and learn.

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