The Course

In this course you will learn the exact steps you need to structure your training.

We'll start with setting appropriate goals and discuss how to set them so you know they will be achievable and help you move forward.

Next up you will learn about the proper structure for a warm-up to ensure you are at your peak, your body is prepared, and you are ready to make the most of your training.

You will learn how that training will effect your body and how your tissues react to the loads and stresses you put on them.

Tracking your training allows you to calculate exactly how much you can and should be training to make the fastest gains, improve your recovery, and prevent injury.

Lastly, we will discuss the how's and why's of a cool down to ensure you are ready to return to your daily life after training.

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Your instructor

Dr. Emily Scherb, PT has dedicated her life to comprehending the intricacies of human movement, channeling her expertise as a seasoned circus artist into her vocation as a physical therapist. Her hands-on experience in the circus world over three decades, infuses her educational and therapeutic approach. This journey has honed her ability to address the nuanced needs of circus performers, often resolving issues where conventional physical therapy methods fall short. By integrating her deep understanding of biomechanics with her passion for circus arts, Dr. Scherb has become a pivotal figure in the advancement of specialized healthcare for performers.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Scherb is an ardent educator, imparting her knowledge across the nation to circus enthusiasts, aspiring professionals, and fellow healthcare clinicians. Her endeavors in education aim to unravel the complexities of physical training for extraordinary athletic achievements, enhancing not just physical capabilities but also the safety and longevity of performance careers.

Currently based in Seattle, she cultivates the next generation of circus medicine clinicians and supports local artists through her clinical practice Pure Motion Physical Therapy.


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